Spotlight Feature: Marissa Johnson, Rising Star at San Diego State University

Marissa Johnson princesdailyjournal

Marissa Johnson is a rising star at San Diego State University, where she is currently a sophomore student pursuing a degree in Psychology. Marissa has not only proven to be an academic achiever but a servant in the community, which she has served as a Student Advisor for the City of Pasadena in the last three years (September 2009 –June 2013). While she was completing her studies at high school in Pasadena, she attended monthly meetings on job readiness; leadership and advising; and worked with vendors and organizers of Pasadena. Her most notable achievement is her Certificate of Congressional Recognition given to her by Congresswoman Judy Chu of the 32nd District of California.

When I asked her what was her favorite quote, she says her favorite quote comes from R&B music artist Trey Songz.

“I vow to never let the voice of people’s opinions drown out my inner voice. Mind over matter so their minds never matter”

She says there is something about this quote that stuck with her today since high school–and is now important to her than ever. This is what she had to say to aspiring college students, who are struggling to find success:

On my quest to find myself in a world that is busy and hectic, everyone has an opinion and direction for you. But I always believe that it is important to have a PERSONAL goal–to not set boundaries on it–and accomplish it!

Many people want to steer you towards their path, but follow your own journey and create a life and a path for yourself, regardless of what everyone else wants you to be. At the end of the day, you are only accountable for you. –Marissa Johnson

Today she is a Student Diversity Commissioner at San Diego State University, where she represents on behalf of Afrikan Student Union (a cultural organization), promoting diversity and inclusion on campus. By being a liaison between the two executive boards, she gains work experience around business environments, with a voting seat, and emphasizes on planning and development. Her duties are planning annual high school conferences with a five figure budget; attending meetings and retreats on personal and group development; and establishing core values for the commission while enforcing their mission statement.

Marissa’s greatest strengths are Public Speaking, Event Planning, and Entrepreneurship. And she is best described as Hardworking, Ambitious, and Open-Minded.

Her goal now is to complete her college education at San Diego State University and apply to law school, where she will utilize her Psychology major in the study of law.

If you wish to contact her, for questions about college studies or to arrange diversity inclusion events at SDSU, email her at

You can also learn more about Marissa on her LinkedIn Profile

Marissa is also a contestant of the Phi Beta Sigma Chapter Beauty Pageant at SDSU! She invites you all to come and support her and the fellow contestants of the Phi Beta Sigma Chapter Beauty Pageant this Saturday at Montezuma Hall (located at campus of San Diego State University). The pageant starts at 6:14pm!

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