Fashion Embassy presents The House of Findings

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Timeless Tuesdays at the Bond Lounge. A once a month special occasion (the first Tuesday of every month) where you can network with professionals and see the latest trends in fashion.

This month’s fashion look: The House of Findings

Mayra Gonzales is a vintage collector, and has been since the late 1970s. She discovered her passion for vintage apparel, when she was a teenager living in New York City–she shopped at flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, and church markets. And it was then when she really discovered the value of green and reusable fashion. She always knew that fashion was her career in life, so she began her first job at a garment district store in New York–working there for 10 years (1979-89).

The House of Findings is a “collection of collections.” It is a traveling pop-up shop, co-founded with her loving husband Biorn Maybury-Lewis, which houses women’s vintage clothing & accessories, global finds, emerging designer clothing and up-cycled wares. It started as an online website, Mayra says, but it then converted into a pop-up shop because it is so much fun and it keeps them busy. Her reasons why women should have House of Findings in their closets are: they are reasonably priced, and every clothing and jewelry is on target with today’s trends. “The quality is there!” she says.

House of Findings princesdailyjournal Her advice for aspiring young fashion collectors is to just do it. Wake up every morning and take one step–you have to do it everyday. Just keep working on it. Whether it be making a blouse, buying a sewing machine, or bargaining with your friends to buy your clothing. Just one step at a time and you will get there.

To see my photos from the fashion show go to my Flickr Acct: The House of Findings Fashion Show

The House of Findings princesdailyjournal

You can find all of Mayra’s collections at and everywhere on social media.

You can follow her on Twitter @HouseofFindings

And on Facebook:

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