Weekly Spiritual Digest: Consider the Wonderful Miracles of God

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Consider the Wonderful Miracles of God

“We can’t even imagine the greatness of his power. He directs the snow to fall on the earth and tells the rain to pour down. Then everyone stops working so they can watch his power. The wild animals take cover and stay inside their dens…pay attention to this Job. Stop and consider the wonderful miracles of God!” (Job 37:5-8;14)

 While I was walking the streets of Boston last night from work, I couldn’t help myself but to take a picture of God’s wondrous miracle called “snow.” The snow, that fell that night, was light and gentle; no hurling winds. And the gaslamps, that illuminated my path, fixated my eyes towards the beauty of Boston’s waterfront. As irritating as snow can be– especially when it comes to commuting to work everyday–there is still something special about it. Snow allows you to stay home, rest, and have meaningful conversations with the company that you have at home.

It’s a shame to even imagine on how consumed we are with work and not the beauty (or maybe the purpose) behind God’s miracle

So this week (unwind and) consider God’s Wonderful Miracles. All that is required from you is to stay one place, look out the window, and admire God’s work–and don’t forget to add a cup of hot chocolate with it.

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