Cheers to Mr. Mayor Thomas Menino (1942-2014)


Today Mr Tom Menino will lie in state at Faneuil Hall, where he delivered his inaugural address in 1994 along with several subsequent State of the City addresses. And where, on March 28, 2013, he announced his resignation.

Tomorrow, on Monday Nov. 3rd, Mr. Menino will make his final ride around Boston before he is placed to rest.

For more details of where he will pass through, click on this link Menino’s Final Ride

Cheers Mayor to a life of service, and may you rest in Eternal Peace.

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Here are some of my photos taken at Thomas Menino’s Funeral Procession at Faneuil Hall.

To see more of my photos, click on my Flickr Album: Mayor Thomas Menino’s Funeral Procession

What I can tell you, from my experience, is that it was a beautiful procession and dedication to the Former Mayor of Boston. When I passed by his casket, to pay my respects, I saw a gentle smile from the gentle giant himself letting me know that he is okay. Rest in Peace Mayor.

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