Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Celeste Ribeiro-Myers

Celeste Ribeiro-Myers is an all-made East Bostonian, co-chair of the NoEastieCasino Movenment, and a champion in grassroots organizing and community service.

I have the pleasure of knowing Celeste through her father John Ribeiro Jr, who I’ve worked for as his Campaign Manager. Her father laid down the foundation of her active service in the community and taught her the most important lesson in life: “To talk with your feet and not with your mouth.” She has taken a stand against outside corporate forces like Suffolk Downs and has pledge to not receive any outside money from any political parties such as the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. She tells me that she represents no party except for The People of East Boston Party.

Her biggest priority as candidate for State Representatitve is Clean Neighborhood Development. According to Celeste, what makes East Boston so great is its inclusive and diverse neighborhood where all are welcome to start out, build families, and thrive together. Her greatest accomplishment was co-charing a movement called “NoEastieCasino” which stopped a huge corporation (Suffolk Downs) from building a casino in their backyard. Not only did this serve as a huge indicator of her leadership, but her commitment to the people East Boston that no outside business force can control their community. In my opinion, she took down Goliath when nobody thought was possible.

For more information on Celeste and her campaign to be the next State Representative in East Boston, Massachusetts go to

And for more radio talks and interviews go to and search “Prince in The City”

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