My Acceptance to Suffolk University School of Law

20140813-183653-67013316.jpg After much anticipation, contemplation, & deliberation. I am pleased to announce that I will be going to Suffolk Law School this fall to pursue my Juris Doctorate–which is right in the heart of Boston!

I would like to say “Thank You” to God, my family, and all of you who have supported me and prayed for me during this process. Not only am I a political correspondent but a law school student too!?! Man I have to say, “this year will be an exciting year!”; I am really thinking about creating a new website called, “” lol. However, I do recognize that this year, especially being the first year of law school, will be challenging–so I will not be investing too much time on my website when school starts.

Here is a special list of people, that I want to thank, who made this achievement possible: Mom, Dad, Suneal Bedi, Esq. Mark Fisher, Victor Marsh, Hon. Judge John A. HoustonDrew Dudley, Trimaine Davis, LaDarrel HagansSharine Jones, and my LSAT tutor Lee Spriggs (I could not have done it without you)!

Thank you Suffolk University again for accepting me and I am looking forward to a great and academically challenging year!


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Prince, Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.:-) Love You Always, Mom

    Sent from my iPhone


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