Prince in the City w/ Asante Sefa-Boakye, Water Polo Team Captain and Student at Cal-Lutheran University

In this interview I get to really connect with my little brother Asante and learn just how he went from sitting on the bench to being team captain in the rigorous sport called “Water Polo”.

Asante started playing water polo when he was in 8th grade–and at that time, he says, he really wasn’t the most “athletic” individual in the water. Backpacking off of his older brother, Asante did everything he could to avoid getting in the water. However, it would not be until a few laps around the block with his team, which he always he came in last, that he decided to turn his life around and be the best athlete that he is today.


“Never give up and keep working hard. The more work you put in, the more reward you will get in the end; it will pay off. Everything does work out in the end.”

Today Asante is training for his last water polo season at Cal Lutheran University this fall, as Team Captain, where he is also completing his major in Psychology.


His future aspirations is to play pro at either Australia or Spain!

If you wish to contact him for training tips or comic routine advice, you can do so via Facebook at

For more people and politics you can also go to my radio show “Prince in The City” at



  1. What a warm and heartfelt article about strong and loving family ties. Nothing like having a dear and supportive mother to be there in the wings, egging her children on to fulfill there dreams. No matter how hard and tedious the climb. You go Mama Elizabeth!!!! You don’t have to wait for your reward when you get to heaven. You’ve already received it right here on earth by being a great positive force of a role model in your children’s lives. Congratulations to you Ashante’ for all that you have accomplished in a sport that has not often been challenged by young men of color but dominated by white men. You go boy!!!! Every stroke that you take through the waves of life, always remember that a beaming mother named Elizabeth is at your side and has your back in all that you do. Swim on, my warrior. Great things await you in the ocean of life. Hugs. Your loving extended family member, Jinji Nicole, New York, NY

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