Prince in The City w/ Rueben “Lucky” Hall, Citywalk Street Performer and Entertainer of Los Angeles, Ca

In this interview I get to connect with the legendary city walk street performer Rueben “Lucky” Hall and learned how he got on the “good foot” with soul and funk music.

Rueben started dancing at the early age of 5 years old; when his father caught him dancing to Aretha Franklin inside his home of Detroit, Michigan. He says, it was then that he got bit by the “funk bug” and he never stopped dancing since. Rueben has been performing soul and funk music on the City Walk for 30 years, and what he tells me is that the “music game” has changed for the worse but not him–his hair being one of them.

Today, he says, music does not do a good job of relating to people and their trials in life. Furthermore he believes that music today is about consumption and pleasure. Artists are talking about “what they’re eating,” “what they’re having,” “what they’re doing,” and “how they’re having a good time”, when they should be talking about work and empowerment.

“Times have changed but you can’t substitute soul and funk for swagger.”


“Swagger” he says is temporary, and soul and funk are everlasting. And what is striking to him is that you hear more “soul” in Country music than you would hear in “R n B” music today.

Being a “soul” man and a street performer has its ups and downs; “Soul is an unfair advantage.” But what he professes to me, and his fans, is that life and death is in the power of the tongue. Anything that you say, he says, is the boomerang that you are going to eat. “Confess on what you want and if you don’t get it, don’t stop!”

Rueben has a new CD out called, “Soul is An Unfair Advantage” and you can get your copy by visiting him at Universal City Walk, located near Universal City Studios! He is also coming out with a new website where he will be promoting his dance moves and music to the world.

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Here is a video that I recorded of Rueban’s dance moves!


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