Prince in The City: Makena Gargonnu on Social Media

The Power of Social Media by Makena Gargonnu In this special talk I get to sit down with Makena Gargonnu and listen to her story: behind her discovery of Social Media and how she is using it in her day-to-day business as a Celebrity Event Producer.

Makena discovered the power of social media, when her husband Nasara was using Facebook to reconnect with his old college buddies. Observing how Facebook was able to reconnect with old friends, and how accessible it was to invite her clients to her shows, Makena immediately incorporated it into her business and she is now today known as the Facebook Event Guru of San Diego; because she is everywhere on Facebook!

If you wish to contact her to have your next celebrity event produced, go to her Facebook Fanpage by Makena G.

( Or call her at 619-438-0777

Be sure to check out my radio talks at

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