Prince in The City w/ Cleeve Morrison, Entrepreneur and Engineer Extraordinaire

In this talk I get to catch up with my oldest friend and engineer extraordinaire, Cleeve Morrison. I have the pleasure of knowing Cleeve through church, where he watched me grow from a boy to a young man, and has welcomed my family with open arms ever since I can remember.

Cleeve is not just an extraordinary engineer but a “jack of all trades”. He is an entrepreneur, architect, carpenter, husband and a proud father. He has been a design engineer for over 43 years and can fix any electrical problem, and manufacture any electrical product, that you give him.

Cleeve started his career in engineering when he was a little kid by breaking apart his toys; eventually he learned how to put them back together. However, it would not be until the military, that he perfected his craft by watching and observing his comrades on electronics. Some of the things that he worked on were telecommunications and nuclear missiles. From his military work experience, he was then able to create a business for himself in electronics–and an affordable and efficient audio product for trolley tours across the US (San Diego, Boston, and Washington, DC) which uses them on a high demand!

His biggest piece of advice to all young engineering entrepreneurs is to know that failing is a part of learning–you need to fail in order to learn. Like Thomas Edison. When he was asked, “Why he made 1,000 light bulbs?” He responded that he found 999 ways not to make the right one. So don’t give up so easily!

In the engineering field, Cleeve says, you have to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, (and the product that you are manufacturing) you will succeed. And how far you take it, is up to you!

Today he continues to manufacture the best quality and affordable audio products in the country and is working on new engineering products of the future.

If you wish to contact him for his products, advice on engineering, or just to call and say hi, go to and find his contact information there.

For more of my radio talks go to

Check out Cleeve’s presentation on his audio system that Trolley Tours use across the nation!

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