Prince in The City w/ Jon Medel, Prominent Photographer and Filmmaker in San Diego

In this talk I get to connect with photographer extraordinaire, Jonathan Medel.

Jonathan Medel is “The Man” behind my website cover photo shoot for and the reason why it continues to gain so much appeal from all over the world.

Jon has been perfecting his craft, in photography and film, for over 5 years –and is now working to be the next upcoming producer in Hollywood, Ca. Jon started his career in photography accidentally. His intent of buying a camera (a DSLR) was to make films. But what happened was, as soon as he started taking pictures of nature, models got caught in front of his lens–and that’s how the adventure began.

His biggest advice to anyone out there who wishes to do photography and/or filmmaking is “to fall in love with the process” and not the end product. The end product, he says, is just a memory of what you are doing. You will always be better than the last time, by concentrating on the fact that the process is what matters. Always keep learning and always move forward.

Today Jon continues to shoot models, weddings, and films (48 Hour Film Festivals) in the city of San Diego. He is a proud husband and father of four beautiful girls, and is the most down to earth professional you will ever meet in the city of San Diego.

Personal Note: Not once has he directed my photo shoots. He really gives you the freedom to be in control, and does not care how long it takes to get the perfect shot. Not only has he helped my career in journalism and social media, but hundreds of San Diegians who are seeking to find their beauty through photography and films.

If you are in San Diego, and are looking for a photographer to help you boost your career in whatever discipline of work you do (business, film, journalism, law, photography, modeling, etc.), please contact Jon Medel at You can check out his work by going to my Media File click “Correspondent ON THE GO” and “Black Diamond Ed.”

And check out my radio talks by going to

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