Prince in The City w/ Jonathan Burns, Longtime Friend and Admitted Student at Cal State Fullerton

In this talk I get to catch up with my oldest friend, Jonathan Burns.

Jonathan and I first met back in first grade at Coronado Village Elementary. Not only did we share the same classroom together, but the same karate class; and we’ve always been in contact ever since.

Not only did we talk about his “glory days” in High School at Coronado High School but his college experience at San Diego City College. His advice to everyone out there is to come in with a plan, ask a lot of questions, and make a lot friends. There are a lot of resources out there for you, that colleges don’t tell you about, so be sure to do your own investigation work–but always be sure to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. And don’t forget to do your FAFSA!

Today, Jonathan successfully graduated from San Diego City College and will be attending Cal State Fullerton in the Fall to pursue his bachelor’s in Political Science and Business Administration.

To reach him you can go to LinkedIn or Facebook and search his name.

And check out my radio talks at

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