Prince in The City w/ Matt Rinkey, Entrepreneur and President of Illumination Wealth

In this video I connect with entrepreneur and president of Illumination Wealth Management, Matt Rinkey–in the beautiful city of San Diego, Ca at Symphony Towers.

In this talk I do not only learn how he started his business, but how he is creating a lifestyle by utilizing relationships instead of spreadsheets.

He first began his venture with money and investing at an early age–he was gifted six shares of Northern States Power (NSP), when he was born. And by the time he reached 12 years old, he began to actively follow the stock market–and was part of a team that won the Minnesota Stock Market Game competition. However, it would not be until 2008, when the stock market collapsed, that he truly put his passion to the test.

During the 2008 recession, he started receiving calls from his friends and family, requesting for financial guidance. And so as the financial markets were in meltdown, he realized that it was time for him to rise up and take the opportunity to directly lift people’s financial spirits and strategies. And by 2009, those phone calls and personal inspiration turned into the commencement of his own firm.

His business begins with a simple mission: to help families build their wealth for the future and protect their present assets from the unforeseen.

Today he is happily married, with two children (one on the way), and continues to help families with their financial plans.

If you wish to say “Hi,” or contact him about your financial plans, go to

And follow him on Twitter @mattrinkey.

For more of my radio talks go to

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