Prince in The City w/ Dr. Joanne Cornwell, Founder of Sisterlocks

In this video I get to connect with hairstylist and founder of the “Sister Locks,” Dr. Joanne Cornwell–who today just opened her brand new hair salon in San Diego, Ca; to service and educate her community on Sister Locks.

In my interview I did not only learn the true story behind her hairstyle trademark (being the first African American woman to do so) but about her passion–and how that has enriched the lives of millions Black Americans across the nation. “Sister Locks,” in her opinion, is a wonderful way to become independent, develop independent wealth, and support your family. So if you do have a passion for hair styling, and for natural hair, then look into the “Sister Locks” system.

Today there are hundreds of women who were able to quit their day jobs, support their families, and gain a level of independence that they would not have realized had they worked for someone else.

If you wish to learn more information about Dr. Joanne Cornwell and her “Sister Locks” go to

And if you are in San Diego, come visit her hair salon at 2043 El Cajon San Diego, Ca.

To listen to my radio talks go to and click “Prince In The City”


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