Spotlight Feature: Bobbie Gray, Career Counselor at San Diego State University


I’m standing with my greatest mentor and friend Bobbie Gray, Career Counselor @SDSU.

She has been a huge factor towards my success after college and she was the one (next to my mom) who really persuaded me to go to DC when I didn’t want to.

Today she continues to help fellow Aztecs find their career paths and establish their dream jobs through her new program “Aztec Mentor Program” (Go to and click Aztec Mentor Program) She’s proud of my accomplishments and I am proud of hers! Great Seeing you Bobbie!

Instagram: #princeinthecity #princesdailyjournal #sdsu #goaztecs #college #mentor #education #networking #entrepreneur #work #study #play #sandiego

Check out this video of her new program and how it has enriched the lives of both SDSU students and alumni. (Plus Richard Tharin is class of 2002 and lives in Boston, Massachusetts!)

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