Prince In The City w/ Doug Luffborough, Heart Inspired Speaker

In this video I get to catch up with my good friend Doug Luffborough, an inspirational speaker who I featured on Motivation Mondays: Set Your Dreams High and interviewed on my radio talk show “Prince in The City” at Not only was this my first meeting with him (face to face), but my first video interview broadcast.

Doug Luffborough was born in Worcester, Massachusetts to a family of four children (him being the eldest), and had much of his youth tainted with the absence of his biological father, domestic violence, gang violence, and homelessness. However, it would not be until the love of a stranger, the loving support of two women, and the faith of God, that he would reach for the stars and obtain a graduate degree from Harvard University.

Today Doug travels the country to speak on his personal journey in life (from Homeless to Harvard), and gives inspiring words of encouragement to every heart he touches.

This summer he is traveling to Boston to speak and commemorate the life of Maya Angelou and will be on UR Business Network to talk with Neil Anderson!

Doug is also publishing his first book this summer (an autobiography) called, “Watch Me Rise”–which tells the story of how he went from homeless; to meeting Bill Clinton; to graduating from Harvard University.

To listen to our radio interview on UR Business Network and learn more about his story, click on the link below.

Talk Tuesdays w/ Doug Luffborough, Heart Inspired Speaker

For more information on his speaking engagements and how you can get your copy of his new book, go to

And to listen to my radio talks go to

(Update: Doug Luffborough is no longer a Chief Management Consultant for Turning the Hearts Center. He is now a full time heart inspired speaker)

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  1. What a great message to learn from. Prince please continue the great work you have started. May The Lord increase your greatness and comfort. you on every side. Psalm 71:21. Love you. Aunt Ann

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