Motivation Monday: Go Out and Grab Success (A Tony Gwynn Special Tribute)

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Go Out and Grab Success

In this video, we see Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn giving his induction speech at the 2007 Baseball Hall of Fame. Not only do we see his emotional journey to fame but his wisdom, which is “to go out and grab success.”


“If you want something, if you want to compete, and you want to be successful, you got to get out there and you got to try. You are never going to find out by sitting at home”

–Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn left these parting words of wisdom in the beginning of his speech–when he told the story of his older brother Chris Gywnn and how he led the charge (in his family) to play baseball in the Major Leagues. It was because of him and his motivation “to get out and grab success” that he credits most of success as a Major League Baseball Hall of Famer–along with his wife and fellow coaches.

Thank you Tony Gwynn for these parting words of wisdom and your contributions to the city of San Diego. You contributed so much to my childhood memories. Your love for the game, was my reason for playing the game with such verve and appreciation–another reason why I swing lefty. Rest In Peace, my hero. Thank you for brightening the game with your affectionate smile! “To-Ni!” “To-Ni!” –Prince

Here is another video which highlights Tony Gwynn’s Baseball Career

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