Week In Review

Talk Tuesdays: Talk Tuesdays w/ Cheryl Morrow, Editor in Chief of the San Diego Monitor News & Heir to the California Curl Company

Weekly Political Tweet: What To Do With Bowe? The Aftermath of Taliban Captive Sgt Bowe Bergdahl’s Release

Throwback Thursdays: Edward Snowden–Hero or Traitor

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Stop Quarreling!

Sunday Praise: Espiritu Santo, Ven Sobre Mi!

Prince in The City Show: The Benghazi Special Committee–Political Justice? Or Political Motive?

Networking: Exclusive interview with Dan Koh, Chief of Staff to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh; Press Release: Padres Baseball to San Diego’s Heritage Night

Uncategorized: New Hashtag: “whatsprinceeating”


This week I’m back in the studio with UR Business Network–at a new location, in a brand new office space!

steve_reiss_t730This week on “Prince in The City” show, I will be interviewing my good friend and math tutor, Steve Reiss. In this interview, will learn why he REALLY calls himself “The Math Magician” and why he is “The Most Boring Author in San Diego” when it comes to writing test-prep books for the GRE and SATs. (Photograph by Earnie Grafton from the Union Tribune)

During my interview, I will take questions from the Twitterverse for my guest to answer. If you have any questions that you would like Steve to answer, tweet them to me @princedjc and hashtag (#) your response #princeinthecity.

Remember to keep your tweets appropriate–and your tweets cannot be any math problems for Steve to solve!

Special Announcement: Starting June 15th, Prince will be taking an extended leave of absence from work. During this time, Prince’s Daily Journal will not be committed to post Daily Newsfeeds or scheduled blog posts till the BEGINNING of August–But don’t be surprised if he does post editorials or interview. However, Prince will only be posting his previous radio talks on his website as well as making new changes to it. Look out for a possible Youtube Channel!

If you wish to follow Prince and his Daily Adventures, click on his links to Twitter; Tumblr, Pinterest, & Instagram to see what delicious cuisine he is eating and what interesting person he is meeting in the West Coast!

Prince’s Daily Journal will be providing the following this week 

Daily Newsfeed (Mon-Fri), Talk Tuesdays, Weekly Political Tweet or Weekly Political Report, ThrowBack Thursdays, & A Weekly Spiritual Digest.


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