Week In Review

Motivation Monday: Write a Love Letter Today!

Talk Tuesdays: Suneal Bedi, MA Bar Lawyer and Harvard Law Alum

Weekly Political Tweet: The Divide Between Republicans and Democrats on Current Events

ThrowBack Thursdays: Paul Sullivan, The Taxi Cab Cowboy

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Don’t Copy The World; Transform Yourself Through God

Sunday Praise: Your Faith is Like Gold!

Networking: Prince in The City Show (Day 12); Prince in The City’s Twitter Questions Answered (Gov. Candidate Jeff McCormick interview)



This week I’m back in the studio w/ UR Business Network to provide you current events, people, and discuss politics on my radio show, “Prince in The City.”

20140525-143948-52788081.jpgIn addition to my radio show, I have a special segment called “Talk Tuesdays”–where I sit down and talk with an interesting individual who is either a educator, doctor, lawyer, politician or entrepreneur. And on this special segment, I will be interviewing Marshall Sterman–also better known as “The Godfather of the UR Business Network.” I will sit down with him and learn more about his grandeur of building successful companies and why he can’t stop talking about “crowdfunding” on his radio show “Way Off Wall Street

If you have any questions that you would like Marshall Sterman to answer, send them to me via Twitter @princedjc and/or hashtag your questions as “#PrinceinTheCity.” Remember to keep your tweets appropriate!

On Monday (May 26th, 2014), Prince will be observing Memorial’s Day. And so Prince’s Daily Journal will not be providing Daily Newsfeeds or Motivation Monday on that day.

Prince’s Daily Journal Will be providing the following for this week:

Daily Journal (Tues-Fri), Weekly Political Report or Tweet, Throwback Thursdays & A Weekly Spiritual Digest


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