Prince In The City Show: Immigration in America

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On each and every show I don’t just provide you news in The City, but current events around the world–and how they impact you and the world around you. And so on this special segment, I talk about “Immigration in America”–discussing problems and possible solutions for America’s broken immigration system.

To comment on this subject, I invited Lauren Culp (Executive Producer of UR Business Network) and Nation Roman (co-host of the Business Sides of Sports) to give their thoughts and opinions. But before we delved into this subject, I first shared my “Person of the Week” (Meb Keflezighi) who has given inspiration to millions of Americans.

On Monday April 21st 2014, I attended my first ever 118th Annual Boston Marathon. And it was there (near the finish line) where I witnessed sheer excitement and history; when I saw Meb sprinting towards the finish line.

1398104806004-USP-Running-Boston-Marathon-030Meb Keflezigh, who is an American immigrant from Eritrea and a proud native of San Diego, Ca, made history when he became the first American to win the Boston Marathon since 1983. After winning the race he says this:

“This is probably the most meaningful victory for an American, just because of what happened here last year. Up till now I’d say my career was 99.9 percent fulfilled. Today I’d say it is 110 percent fulfilled!”

Noting what the Boston Red Sox had done in the World Series last year, he added that he wanted to provide a similar boost: “When the Red Sox did it, I said, ‘I want to do it for Boston.’

And so he did. But what was truly inspiring (besides him representing my hometown of San Diego, Ca) is the fact that he wrote the names of the Boston Bombing victims on his racing Bib (Krystal Shakespeare, Martin Richard, Ling Zi and Sean Collier)–and how he honored them in his race.

He says that “they helped me carry through. At the end, I just kept thinking ‘Boston Strong’. I gave everything I had for Boston

“Thank you Meb for taking back the finish line; your run and your life is an inspiration to us all. Your win is an American Win against Terrorism.”


His victory did not only bring a lot of joy but controversy about what it means to be an American–an issue which my guests and I discussed on this show.

It has been thirteen years since America has passed the DREAM act–and one year since the Senate has passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill, but later struck down in the House of Representatives. And still nothing has been done to fix our broken immigration system. And so, what we did was first give our personal views of “Immigration” (in general) and then come up with ideas on how to fix our broken immigration system–while using the plug of the day: “I’m not hating; I’m just saying.”

The greatest point of contention, from our discussion, was the idea behind “amnesty.” All of us recognized the frustrations behind it–including the fact some of our personal friends overseas are still playing the lottery to gain U.S. citizenship. However, when great minds do come together we were able to find a cool solution: Treat the Path to U.S Citizenship like a College Loan.

For undocumented workers who want to gain U.S. citizenship, must earn it by paying a fixed loan–or pay a little more in taxes to the US government. This will not only satisfy those who do want to pay taxes in America, but will offset some costs for providing U.S. citizenship to 11 million undocumented immigrants.

While this does sound like a good plan, I still made a point that we should not forget those overseas; who want the same economic opportunities as those who have already received them here illegally or legally –”I’m not hating; I’m just saying.”

Thank you Lauren and Nathan for your great insight!

To listen to our conversation, click on the link below

Prince In The City Show: Immigration in America (UR Business Network)

If you have any questions or comments on this subject matter, please direct them to my Contact Page which is located on my website.

To read my article on Immigration, go to Weekly Political Report: Immigration Today or Immigration Tomorrow..Stay Tuned For The Next Episode

Disclaimer: Prince’s opinions and the opinions of others, do not have any affiliation with UR Business Network.

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