ThrowBack Thursdays: Throwback w/ Don Lemon (CNN Anchor)

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous blog/article/review or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s Throwback Thursdays Edition: Don Lemon (CNN Anchor)


I met Don Lemon right on the eve of my birthday (around 10:00 pm on April 29th 2013), where I was walking through the Prudential Mall Strip–after putting in extra hours at Barnes and Nobles for my LSAT exam and my newly created website “Prince’s Daily Journal.”

Meeting Don Lemon was both fun and hilarious. When I was walking three stores away from Barnes & Nobles, just making a right turn onto Club Monaco, I spotted a familiar face that was about 10 yards away from me. I asked myself, “Is that Don Lemon?!”

Curious I was to find out the identity of this man, I then quietly stalked him and his two friends to see if my assumption was true–and low and behold it was him!! But here is the funny part. When I approached him, rather than asking him who he was, I said this to him:

“Don’t Tell Me Your Don Lemon.”

With a smile he said to me:

“Ok, I won’t.”

Not only is he humble but witty too–I was totally floored when he said this to me (Laughing). Once I composed myself, I asked him why he was here in Boston. He told me that he was here to cover the Boston Marathon Tragedy that took place a few weeks back–but he also told me that he was visiting his two friends, which one of them was kind enough to take our photo together.

I was really excited that day because I was just making waves with my website–so seeing him was an awesome opportunity to show off my website which I did.

The coolest thing from this whole encounter was not just passing along my website, but having him say, “I like your hair!” (smiling)

After it was all said and done, I told him how much he inspires me and then we parted ways.

“Thank you Don Lemon, for being so cool and humble towards me–and I hope your trip to Boston was a good one. I appreciate the work that you do on your show every day and continue to inspire the youth and young African-American men like me who want to do what you are doing today. I hope to share the stage with you one day.

Also if you are interested in locking your hair, I’ll pass along my hair stylist to get your hair done like mine!” —Prince

If you wish to follow Don Lemon, you can do so via Twitter: @donlemon


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