Prince in The City Show: Prince Opens Up His First Show

Prince in the city

Prince Sefa-Boakye host of the Prince in The City Show opens up his first show with the UR Business Network Crew.

On each and every show, I don’t just provide you news in the City but current events around the world–and how they impact you and the world around you.

On this special segment, I broadcast my very first radio talk show on UR Business Network with the help of Himali Patel (UR Business Staff) and Nathan Roman (co-host of the Business Side of Sports). The topics that I featured on the show were: the departure of the Piers Morgan Show, America becoming financially conservative; tying the shoes the right way and a weekly spiritual digest that I pulled from my website
Our most engaging topic of discussion, was my Weekly Political Report “Being Financially Conservative This Holiday Season.

This weekly political report was written back in December of 2013, when America was moving closer and closer to another government showdown–especially after just recovering from an unnerving government shutdown. What I mention in my talk is that the average American has embraced financial conservatism last holiday season while lawmakers in Congress has not. Last holiday season holidays shoppers have spent an average of $407.20 between last Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Sunday, which went down 4 percent from the $423.55 they spent last year–a 2.9% reduction from last year’s spending. (Washington Post)

While this does indicate that Americans are being smart with their money, it is still does not imply that our economy has fully recovered (especially from last year’s report).

So how come? How come ordinary Americans can manage their own budget and high ranking members in Congress (not the White House) cannot. The answer to this boils down to ideology–or difference of opinion.

“Should the working poor, or middle class Americans, shoulder the economic deficit by working more hours and paying more in taxes than the average person from Wall Street? Or should Wall Street, multinational corporations, and even individuals with incomes of 500k continue to protect their self interests and ship jobs overseas–or pay lower taxes?

The answer is common sense, but having the majority of votes in Congress to support it is difficult which leads to a fiscal showdown–or worse a government shutdown.

While there is room to argue on what influences a lawmaker to manage the budget, but the fact is: there are middle class Americans and the very rich and powerful. And so, what reforms or cuts in a budget, should benefit whom?

From an American perspective there should be economic growth in both sectors: public and private.

For people who want to serve our country by means of public service (to be a soldier, police officer, public official, firefighter, teacher, bus driver etc.) should have the financial stability to support their families (meaning no sequester cuts) so they can continue to serve and make our country great.

And for people who want to start a business in this country through the private sector (with little to no risk) should prosper from their labor. But must also keep their business(es) at a fair playing level so everyone in the country can prosper. Which means investing in American jobs, fairer wages, and paying fair taxes.

To Listen to our conversation, click on the link below.

Prince in The City Show: Prince’s First Show on UR Business Network

To give me your opinion on the matter, drop a message on my Contact Page.

Thank you Himali and Nathan for your opinions and great insight.

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