Week in Review

Talk Tuesdays: Douglas Luffborough III, Motivational Speaker & Chief Managing Consultant

Prince in The City: Immigration in America;

Meet The Candidates: Steve Kerrigan, Lt. Governor Candidate 

NetworkingMoney and Politics inside the Supreme Courthouse; Rep. Paul Ryan’s Budget for America

Weekly Spiritual Digest: He Has Risen! (Happy Easter!)



On Monday, I will not be posting a Motivation Monday post; instead I will take pictures of my excursion around Boston with my Dad. To see my pictures go to my Instagram account: @princesdailyjournal. On Tuesday, I will be back in the studio to talk current events, people and politics. I will be posting my previous talks last week later this week.

424334_569524486242_876616674_nAs part of my Talk Tuesdays segment, which I sit down and talk with an interesting individual, I will be interviewing Suneal Bedi–a MA bar lawyer who received his J.D. from Harvard Law School. I will sit down with him and get the inside scoop behind his experience at Harvard–and also learn what he is doing with his law degree today!

During my interview, I will take a few questions from the Twitterverse for Suneal to answer. So if you have any questions for Suneal, please hashtag (#) your Tweet: “#PrinceinTheCity”, and I will be sure to take them down. Please tweet your questions by Tuesday! Remember to keep your tweets appropriate!

 Prince’s Daily Journal will be providing the following:

Daily Newsfeed (Mon-Fri), Talk Tuesdays, Weekly Political Report, ThrowBack Thursdays, & Weekly Spiritual Digest,

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