ThrowBack Thursdays: Operacaffe–When My Website Really Skyrocketed!

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous blog/article/review or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s Throwback Thursdays Edition: Operacaffe

Throwback w/ Operacaffe

It all started on the morning of March 24, 2013. Jon Medel (photographer) and I were cruising around downtown San Diego in our limo (courtesy of Limo Car chauffeur Gabe Gebremedhin) to find the perfect coffee shop for my new photo shoot “Political Correspondent ON-THE-GO.” Not knowing where our journey would take us, we then found this little coffee shop, with a beautiful front porch; and it was love at first sight: Operacaffe. I introduced myself to the man in charge, began shooting, and the rest was history.

Their hospitality that they showed me that day left an ever-lasting impression on me and on my site–their front porch is still the face of my website today. And so, every time that I am in San Diego, Ca. I always go to Operacaffe to either treat myself, my mother, or a guest for coffee or lunch.

Peter Morales, the restaurant manager of Operacaffe, is as friendly and approachable as they come. What I love about him was his sincere appreciation, for allowing me to do my photo shoot and post pictures of his restaurant on my site–he didn’t ask for any paperwork. However, when I was vacationing back in my hometown of San Diego, Ca–having lunch with my mom at his restaurant–Peter shared with me terrible news that the man who built this restaurant, Roberto Bernardoni, recently passed away. Even though I was never given the chance to thank him personally, for providing me with such a beautiful location for photo shoot, I was still fortunate enough to have tasted his legacy and immortalized his restaurant through my website. 

pat rob-operacaffe-1

For great coffee, great Florentine Food, and great wines & spirits, I highly recommend that you go to Operacaffe–especially if you are thinking about your next photo shoot. If you wish to start your morning right (like I did), then treat yourself to nice hot cup of cappuccino and sit outside its front porch–you will experience the rush and excitement of San Diego’s city life!

To visit their website go to:

To make reservations call 619-234-6538

You can also follow them on Twitter @operacaffe

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