Weekly Political Tweet: Senate GOP blocks Equal Pay Bill for Women

On occasions that I don’t compose Weekly Political Reports, I instead write a tweet of my political opinion in less than 140 characters!

This week’s political tweet: Senate GOP blocks Equal Pay Bill

What Happened and What Will Happen?

Proponents of this bill did not get 60 votes to have it on the Senate floor for debate. When this happens there is no open debate and the bill does not get voted on. It will be put back on the agenda again later in the year. This is a common tactic used to delay a bill from becoming law.

What Politicians are Saying About This?

 “This isn’t over. Equal pay for equal work is going to remain center stage in this year’s agenda and we are not going to let the Republicans who blocked this bill off the hook. That could absolutely mean another vote later in the year” — Democrat Sen. Patty Walsh (Wash), Highest Ranking Woman on the Senate

“We see this for what it is and it’s just another attempt by Democrats to distract from what is a very bad record when it comes to helping women in the economy. That’s what this is all about, them trying to get a headline”– Republican Sen. John Thune (South Dakota)

“Today’s vote is to begin debate on the bill. Are they so repulsed by equal pay for hard-working women, they’ll obstruct equal pay for equal work? I’m at a loss as to why anyone would decline to debate this important issue.” –Democrat Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (Nevada)

“There are two other law that already cover this issue in addition to Lilly Ledbetter. I believe those laws should be enforced. And obviously I think it’s self-evident that I’m for women receiving equal pay. In fact, I’d like them to be paid more” Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire)

What do I say about this?

This is one of the few dirty tactics that Republicans use to stop progressive change in America. Instead of having a fair debate, which each side can have the power to persuade their fellow members of Congress to vote or not vote on a bill, Republicans will block a bill in order to prevent it from being debated or voted on–especially if it is inside a Democratic controlled Senate.

My question to Senate Republicans is this: “Does equal pay for women really hurt the economy?”

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1 Comment

  1. labman57 says:

    Republicans regard the problems and concerns of socio-economically disadvantaged American families, middle class working women, Latinos, and the LGBT community to be a “distraction” from what really matters — their ongoing quest to increase the economic divide between the ultra-wealthy … and everyone else.

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