Prince in The City: SCOTUS and Birth Control

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On this special segment, I talked on the latest news developments of Birth Control in the Supreme Courthouse of The United States.

On March 24, 2014, the Supreme Court opened 90 minutes of arguments in attempts to overturn Obamacare’s requirement that nearly all companies with more than 50 employees must provide various forms of birth control in their employee health plans. Even though Obamacare will still be intact, it will still leave lasting repercussions in the November midterm elections–which will take place this fall of 2014.

Why is this such an important issue? you may ask.

It’s an important issue because it touches on three very controversial topics: The Health Care Law, Women’s Rights, and Religious Freedom. But more importantly it poses these two questions:

“Should religious freedoms trample on women’s rights and their access to
basic contraception?”
“Should women’s rights trample on religious freedom and liberty?”

On this subject, I do not only give my political opinion on corporations and their path to U.S. citizenship but also on gender politics–which the majority of players (including the Supreme Court) are male! Will male dominance influence the decision-making process on this particular issue of women’s rights?

I also invited Lindsey Poole, media producer of UR Business Network, to shed light and give her two cents on the matter.

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