Week in Review

Prince in The City: Prince in The City (Day 4);

Talk Tuesdays:w/ Lt. Governor Candidate, Leland CheungPrince’s Twitter Qs & As.

Weekly Political Tweet: An All-Male SCOTUS Vote on Birth Control!

Saturday Book Read: w/ Sharine Jones Ch. 4 Shattered Fairy Tales Part 2

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Jesus and the Prince of Demons

Meet The Candidates: James Arena-DeRosa, Lt. Governor Candidate

Networking: Prince in the City’s Twitter Questions Answered!

Cuisine & Dining: Artisan Bistro Lunch Special Preview

Uncategorized: Starting a Monday Morning the Right Way!; Morning Breakfast Before My Show!; Prince on The Air



I’m back in the studio w/ UR Business Network to discuss current events and politics on my radio show, “Prince in The City.” I will post my talk with Leland Cheung later this week.

1560694_444150509019857_37783638_nAlso, as part of my Talk Tuesdays segment, I will be interviewing Jonathan Edwards–another candidate who is running for Lt. Governor in the state of Massachusetts. I will sit down with him and ask him questions about his candidacy and his personal journey in life.

During my interview, I will take questions from the Twitterverse for Jonathan to answer. So if you have any questions for Leland, please hashtag (#) your Tweet: “#PrinceinTheCity”, and I will be sure to take them down. Please tweet your questions by Tuesday!

Don’t forget to hashtag (#) your tweets with #malg, #bospoli, or #mapoli too. Remember to keep your tweets appropriate!

Remember that you can find all of my interviews with these candidates, under “Meet The Candidates,” which is found on the header of my website.

Prince’s Daily Journal will be providing the following for this week:

Motivation Monday!, Talk Tuesdays, Weekly Political Tweet or Report, ThrowBack Thursdays, Saturday Book Read w/ Sharine Jones, & Weekly Spiritual Digest.

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