Weekly Political Tweet: An All-Male SCOTUS Vote on Birth Control!

On occasions that I don’t compose Weekly Political Reports, I instead write a tweet of my political opinion in less than 140 characters!

This week’s political tweet: An All-Male SCOTUS Vote on Birth Control!

“The female justices were clearly supportive of the contraception mandate, while a majority of the male justices were more skeptical.” –NPR News

Is this more on religious freedom or gender dominance? Furthermore, to deny birth control to women is to assume or say that women are irresponsible of their own reproductive systems or choices? Like women are children or they are designed to have abortions after they have been impregnated? Very discriminatory and poor sense of logic!

And if Hobby Lobby can define themselves as a person, so can The Wolf of Wall St. or any other corporate entities (or foreign corporate entities) that define themselves as one.

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