ThrowBack Thursday: My Interview w/ Attorney Mark Fischer, Entertainment Lawyer and Copyright Litigator

Every week I post a miscellaneous article/review/blog that I have written in the past, or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s Throwback Thursdays: My Interview w/ Attorney Mark Fischer, Entertainment Lawyer and Copyright Litigator. 


Mark Fischer is probably the most fashionable trendsetter in the practice of law. He is one of few, if not the only person that I have seen, who can sport a sleek contemporary linen suit with a wool square tie (topping it off with a sharp men’s dress hat) at his workplace. You don’t need to remind this lawyer on the latest trends in fashion!

I met Mr. Mark Fischer at a social media conference in Downtown Boston, where I was working as one of many assistants to provide food, drinks, and services to our invited guests. This event housed many social media entrepreneurs who have worked (or who are still working) for well-known television channels: Food Network, Travel Channel, MTV, VH1, etc. And out of the whole crowd stood a man with a light blue suit and a sharp dress hat, which I found to be very uncommon at an event like this.

When I approached him, I asked him where he got his suit from. And his response was: “I got this hand tailored in Brooklyn, New York!” But, what really surprised me was when he told me that he was a lawyer. When I heard this, I immediately took the opportunity to not only share my law school aspirations but my interest to feature him on my website–and it was the best decision that I could have ever made! 

Not only did he answer all of my puzzling questions that I had about the law profession, but he showed me a new way of utilizing a law degree to help others while satisfying your own interests in life!


Thank you Mark so much for providing me great insight behind the law profession–and that little push I needed to apply to Law School!

Today, he continues to represent and work with highly creative and innovative musicians, writers, software engineers, synthetic biologists, and artists.

To read my interview with Attorney Mark Fisher, click on the link below.

50 Shades of Law: Attorney Mark Fischer, Entertainment Lawyer and Copyright Litigator

If you wish to contact Mark Fischer, go to:

If you wish to gain more insight behind Copyright Law, read his blogs at

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