Saturday Book Read w/ Sharine Jones: Ch. 3 Confused and Delusional Part 3

Reflections of A Woman’s Indiscretions

This book is dedicated to my mother Elena, grandmothers Josephine & Evril, & to all the Ladies in my life – Strong women I have seen Prevail no matter the circumstances or challenges.


February 2005

20131102-145624.jpg        I opened the long rectangular box and found a gold tennis bracelet lined with small diamonds. I was absolutely in awe that I quickly forgot all the ugly things he ever did to me up to this point. Perhaps, that was his plan. He was charming and intelligent, after all. Either way, that night was hands down one of the best I have ever shared with Slimm. There was no arguing or fighting; we were at peace. 
      But the crazy thing was, even though Slimm gave me a night of bliss, I could not stop thinking of Blu. I did not know if it was a feeling of guilt or if I was missing him–or maybe it was the fact that our wedding anniversary was coming within the week–but bottom line I was confused and I didn’t know what to make of my feelings; especially, since Blu had moved on as well – he had a new girlfriend.

March 2005

Today was my cousin Christine’s 21st birthday. Slimm, myself, my friend Ori, my sister Ashley, Jimmy (Slimm’s homeboy) and his wife Laura, all decided to celebrate her birthday at Jillian’s–a bowling alley and bar/lounge in Hollywood. And when we arrived, all fun broke loose.

Rapper 50 Cent’s song, “Just a Lil Bit” was bumping through the loud speakers and Ori and I were just dancing, while Slimm and his boy were conversing; Ashley, Christine, and Laura were at the bar. All of us were just having a good time:  the drinks kept coming; we owned a couple of shots; we bowled; and we talked shit. It was a fun night. After a couple hours, we were lit and decided to call it a night–but without grabbing some food first.

We exited the back door because upstairs was too loud and obnoxious. And once we did, I came across a long series of stairs that was directed towards the floor. While I was proceeding down the stairs, I suddenly tripped and lost my balance. But just when I was about to bite it on the stairs, Slimm reached out and grabbed me by his strong arm. I then started to crack up jokingly; I was faded, tipsy, and laughing. All of us were happy drunks , but that would soon change.

Once we made it to the cars, Slimm and Ashley took the steering wheels for the night: Laura, Jimmy, and I rolled with Slimm, while Christine and Ori rode with Ashley. Once my group got into our car, we waited for Ashley because she needed to follow us to the restaurant; we were waiting at southbound of Caheunga Blvd. Once we saw her car move toward us (with her headlights off), without a moment’s notice, the police swooped up right behind her their flashing lights–they pulled her over for making a left onto a residential street.

“Ah shit! They’re pullin’ her over cause her lights was off,” Slimm said as he got out of the car to see what was going on.

We followed Slimm around the corner where my sister was detained. She was out of the car along with Christine and Ori who were standing on the sidewalk with worried expressions on their faces. “If only she remembered to put her lights on, were my thoughts–especially after she failed the field sobriety test. Reflecting back, maybe this whole ordeal was to prevent something bad from happening.But when the officer put his handcuffs on my sister Ashley, I then became belligerent.

I turned to Slimm and said, “Please talk to them! Get my sister out of this!

Clearly I was intoxicated–“What could Slimm do to help Ashley?” All I knew was that he had a good mouth piece, and he could always get out of complicated situations. So I thought (in my drunken state) he could get my sister released. But then the officer put my sister in the back seat of the police car.

Crying, I screamed at Slimm: “You’re no help!”

I knew that he wouldn’t hit me with the law standing right there in his face, but the look in his eyes was so obvious, even to his boy Jimmy. Jimmy quickly intervened and said, “Man, she’s drunk, just let her talk.”

Slimm turned and walked away from me; he went to the police officer to talk about my sister’s car. In the end, the police decided not to impound Ashley’s car, but they still took Ashley into custody. We waited for her boyfriend to pick up her car, and at that point Christine left with him and Ori left with us.

The drive home was silent. No one said a word and I was knocked out instantly. I woke up at Del Taco’s drive-thru just as our order was ready. Slimm handed me the bag of food, but I was still drunk and pissed off at him. So I belligerently took the food out of the bag, and threw it in his face. Ori, who was sitting in the back seat, watched silently with unbelief. Slimm didn’t make a move and he continued to drive.

*For the record, that really isn’t my style. I consider myself a sweetheart; and someone who loves hard. But with experience I’ve learned when someone hurts my heart regularly, and makes it hard, I can be a mean bitch. For the first time I realized that I was adopting Slimm’s behavior. Back then I didn’t know it, but when people or relationships start to bring you out of character in a negative way, it’s probably a sign to let go. Love is supposed to bring out good qualities, not ugly ones. When you start misbehaving like the person you are with then it’s all bad. No one wins…it’s a lose-lose situation.

He pulled up on Don Lorenzo Drive where my car was parked. Ori jumped out of the rental truck and thanked him for the ride.

Me, I didn’t say a word. I jumped down from the truck and proceeded to walk to my car. Then out out of nowhere, I felt a swift kick of a size 12 foot shoe to my ass and I immediately fell to the ground on my behind; I broke my heel from my boot in the process. I was speechless. I had no idea that Slimm was right behind me when he did this to me. Slimm then rushed back to his truck, got in, and sped away.

Ori ran over saying,  “Oh my god. Sharine, are you okay?” with concern in her voice.

I’m alright,” I said, as I was fighting back my tears. I was angry–more than anything I was mortified. He knew how to humiliate me, that was certain.

Alcohol has the power to make a person bold and stupid – that’s what I know. I got up off of my ass and I limped to my car. With Ori as my passenger, I sped right behind him–flying down La Brea. I didn’t know what I was thinking or trying to prove but I was angry, embarrassed, and humiliated. But seriously, “What was I going to do, if I caught up with him?”

It was a blessing in disguise when I lost control of my car and ran into the curb just outside of Popeye’s Chicken. Lucky for me and Ori, it wasn’t through Popeye’s! Looking back at it now, I can shake my head and laugh. But right then and there it was far from amusing because I broke the right side suspension of my car. If I had lost control of my car, then I probably would have made a bad situation into a much worse situation.

As a result from this event, I lost my car for two weeks because of repairs. So I had no choice but to take public transportation to work, and depend on Blu to pick me up where I was slacking with the kids. I didn’t see or speak to Slimm for over a week and again I thought about our “good times,” which ultimately lead me to call him.

Our separation was short lived and another episode would be in the works sooner or later.



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