Spotlight Feature: Peter Morales, Restaurant Manager of Operacaffe


While I was vacationing in my hometown of San Diego, Ca, my mom and I were fortunate enough to have lunch at the Operacaffe; where all the magic began with my new website

It all started when Jon Medel (photographer) and I were cruising around downtown San Diego in our limo–courtesy of Limo Car Chauffer Gabe Gebremedhin–to find the perfect coffee shoppe for my photo shoot “Political Correspondent ON-THE-GO.” Not knowing where our journey would take us, I then found this tiny little coffee shoppe with a beautiful front porch and it was love at first sight: Operacaffe. I introduced myself to the man in charge, began shooting, and the rest was history.

Peter Morales is not just great manager but a great visionary. Unlike the other managers that I have come across, he is not camera shy. He knew how important his restaurant was for my shoot, and he gave me the freedom I needed to get great shots–one of them being my cover photo for my website. As gratitude for his kind hospitality, I wrote a great coffee review, which can be found on Yelp, and treated myself to lunch at his restaurant every time I’m in town.

My meal of choice is the penne carrettieria


Thank you Peter for being a gracious host to my mom and I. And my deepest condolences goes out to you and your family for losing an amazing chef that has built this wonderful restaurant and has touched many lives with his food: Roberto. Thank you again and I look forward to having lunch again at your restaurant when I come back.


To reach Peter for your next photo shoot or party call him at 619-234-6538. You can also follow him on Twitter @operacaffe.

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