Public Service Announcement

Prince will once again be suspending all of his website activities, on Jan. 13, 2014, to concentrate on his upcoming LSAT exam next month. And as such Prince’s Daily Journal will not be providing any informative news stories, editorials or interviews which you all have been waiting for since his leave of absence. He understands this sudden drastic change of events and apologizes profusely to those who were expecting more insightful writings from him.

He will, however, resume his activities on February 11, 2014; when he has completed his test. During this time, please feel free to browse through his site for previous archives; news stories; photos; editorials; food reviews; spiritual digests; self-improvement posts (Motivation Mondays); Sharine Jones’ Book Series on her first-hand experience of domestic violence; and interviews.

Thank you again for your cooperation and wonderful support you all have given to him, and his site, this past year!

Best Regards,


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