ThrowBack Thursdays: Play the Game–Not the Man (A Tribute to Kobe Bryant)

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous article that I’ve written in the past or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s ThrowBack Thursdays: Play the Game–Not the Man (A tribute to Kobe Bryant


“There’s 30 seconds on the shot clock; your team mates are covered except for you. People are out of their seats, cheering from the stands, and you are separated from the basket by one man. The ball is now in your hands, what do you do? Sometimes we get so caught up with the person in front of us, that we lose site of our goal, which is behind the person. However, its people like Kobe Bryant that reminds us that our eyes should be fixated not on the person but the goal above our heads.”

This was my very very first full length post that I shared with whole wide world as a first time blogger. Kobe Bryant is my favorite Basketball player, not to mention that I’m a die-hard Lakers fan! This post was inspired by his abilities to stun the world with his amazing feats and make the impossible look easy. Watching him weave through 3 guys for the dunk, or making an incredible shot from outside the 3 pt arch–with 10 seconds on the shot clock–has always amazed me. It has amazed me so much, that I characterized his playing to our own obstacles in life.

Kobe Bryant is one of those few players that rarely goes toe to toe with an obstacle or a player, nonetheless fights or calls out his opponent. He always fixates his eyes to the goal and not the person in front of him. If we all can do that, then we can all appreciate life a little more; instead of hating our opponents or letting obstacles keep us away from our goal–play the game of Life!

   “Thank you Kobe for inspiring me and I am glad to see you back on the court–showing the world that an Achilles heel won’t keep you down from playing the game!” –Prince

To read, click on the link below

Play the Game–Not the Man

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