Motivation Mondays: Be Powerful Beyond Measure (A Tribute to Nelson Mandela)

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Be Powerful Beyond Measure!


These words that were supposedly spoken by the late great Nelson Mandela, at his 1994 Inauguration, were actually words that came from a book called A Return to Love composed by author and spiritual teacher, Maryanne Williamson. While only a hand full knows this truth, these words have become the hallmark of Nelson Mandela’s legacy because he has lived his life down to every word of Williamson’s quote.

I came across this quote at the tender age of 16. And it was during this time that I was determined to make a name for myself; but through public speaking. Looking for words of inspirations, to quench my thirst for ambition, I none other than “Googled” every inspirational speaker that came to mind; that were name worthy–Nelson Mandela being one of them.

At that age I really didn’t know the story behind Nelson Mandela because his name alone already resonated greatness–plus I was more focused on figures like Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, JFK, Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King Jr [It was 2005 when I was 16]. However, it would not be until I read this quote above, that I grew an immediate liking towards Mr. Nelson Mandela; and began to research him. Even though this quote did not belong to him, I still gained great respect for him–he is still a beacon of light to South Africa and to the whole world. So my point being is this, what I learned back then still holds true today:

“You Cannot Be Afraid to Shine!”

Nelson Mandela wasn’t afraid to shine, so neither should you. We must shine so that others can. Let’s not live in a world of darkness, let’s use our lamps, our lights, and shine for the world!

So this week, Shine! And Be Powerful Beyond Measure! But also pay your respects to Nelson Mandela on a long life and a life lived filled with good deeds and amazing accomplishments.

While it’s important to recognize Mandela’s life and good deeds to the world, let us also remember to give credit to where it is due. Thank you Maryanne! And thank you for the wonderful words that you have bestowed onto Mandela and to the world!

If you wish to learn more about Nelson Mandela go to

And if you wish to learn more about Maryanne Williamson go to

and follow her on Twitter @marwilliamson

Here is a videoclip of Nelson Mandela’s 1994 Inaugural Speech. RIP

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