ThrowBack Thursdays: Fabrison’s Cafe–My First Coffee Review

Every Thursday I post miscellaneous article that I’ve written in the past or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s ThrowBack Thursdays Edition: Fabrison’s Cafe–My First Coffee Review.


How I first began writing reviews for coffee shops, and food restaurants, as well as using photos (Instagram) to promote my reviews started right here at this tiny cafe in Coronado, Ca. Having already caught the blogger bug during the first few weeks of blogging, I began to find new ways to publish my blogs without lugging around my laptop to do them: WordPress app on my iPhone. Not only was it convenient for me–to write and edit typos right on the palm of my hand–but it allowed me to explore Instagram and other social media apps which in return helped my website grow. And so, when I said “Wherever my work takes me, so does my coffee..” I literally meant it–I no longer needed to stop and pull up my laptop to publish any story.

Writing this coffee review at Fabrison’s Cafe was my humble beginning as a Foodie, a Yelper, and a Connoisseur for great coffee. I established good relations with the business owner(s) (by promoting their coffee/food/pastries etc. and their cafe) while I promoted my website.

So to read my coffee review and learn more about Fabrison’s cafe, click on the link below. And if you are in Coronado, CA go by their cafe for some good morning coffee!

Morning Coffee Ed.: Fabrison’s Cafe


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