ThrowBack Thursdays: Larry Bubb–Gospel Singer, Musician and Comedian Extraordinaire

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous article that I have written in the past or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s ThrowBack Thursdays: Larry Bubb–Gospel Singer, Musician, and Comedian Extraordinaire.


Going back to my humble beginnings as a blogger, when I truly caught the bug, I wanted to start featuring people and their talents to the world by writing a short post about them on my website: Spotlight Feature. Larry Bubb happened to be at the right time time when I had this idea.

I have the pleasure of knowing Larry as a teenager, when he came by my church in San Diego, Ca at Coronado Southern Baptist Church. Larry Bubb is traveling a gospel musician and comedian–traveling to 30 states across country sharing the good news about his best friend Jesus Christ. Not only has he made appearances on television and radio shows, but has made long lasting impressions on the people he has performed for. His music and whimsical humor has helped people bridge their relationship to God much closer, and has impressed famous stars such as Hollywood Actress and Academy Award Nominee, Angela Basset.

“I was so uplifted after hearing Larry’s message as he employs his gifts of humor & song along with practical Biblical instruction. He will especially bless the hearts of young adults, relating the word of God in a truly engaging manner.” –Angela Bassett

Thank you Larry for sharing the good news with me about your best friend Jesus Christ, and continue to make the world smile through your music and humor. To read my post on him, please click on the link below.

Larry Bubb!

To contact Larry Bubb for your next gospel service go or contact him via email at

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