ThrowBack Thursdays: Roy AfriQue, Promoter and CEO of AfriQue Events

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous article that I have written in the past or an interview of an extraordinary person.

This week’s ThrowBack Thursdays: Roy Afrique, Promoter and CEO of AfriQue Events


The first time that I met Roy AfriQue was when I first moved here to the city of Boston. Making friends very quickly during the first few weeks of my stay, I was very fortunate enough to be invited to a birthday party which Roy AfriQue was hosting. It only took one party, and one encounter to realize how cool he was–and still is.

His swag is like no other in the city of Boston–He is one of those few people who knows how to bring Sexy Back. He is the only African promoter (Uganda) in Boston that is putting people first before leisure, for over 5 years–“It’s all about relationships and customer service,” he says. Not only is he an established businessman, but a gentleman to the ladies–he doesn’t need much to impress a lady. He is the best promoter in Boston, and I am so lucky that I got to work under his wing for a short time period.

Prince’s Daily Journal proudly endorses him for any party that you are having–whether it be birthday parties or anniversaries. Roy can even help you find your perfect match!–Read his interview!

To read his humble beginnings as a promoter and how he is bringing people from all over the world on the same dance floor, click on the link below.

His Story on Promoting and How He is Bringing People Together on the Dance Floor

You can also follow him on Twitter to see when his the next party ( and RSVP at (His Next Party is This Weekend!! So follow him on Twitter; Don’t Forget New Year’s Eve Bash Too!)

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