Morning Coffee Ed.: The Reserve


Wherever my work takes me, so does my coffee.

This week’s Morning Coffee Edition: The Reserve.

The Reserve is conveniently located inside the luxurious and renowned Langham Hotel. “AAA Four-Diamond Boston..that recalls a charming era of refined service..with every imaginable modern amenity.” And I had the pleasure of enjoying their refined service and coffee, not too long ago during an unexpected commute to work.

During my commute to work, I was in search of a nearby coffee lounge, lobby, and venue to charge my laptop, and complete my “Weekly Political Report.” Losing myself in the heart of the Financial District, I was not particularly choosy of what venue would suit my needs better; but I knew that I was on time schedule. So I immediately chose “the old gray building” on my left, The Langham Hotel, because of its close proximity to where I was at the time. However, little to my knowledge, I did not know the level of sophistication and luxury that would greet me, when I stepped inside its doors.

Stepping inside Langham hotel, was like stepping backwards in time–a time when there was such a thing called “class” [a close simulation to the movie, A Midnight in Paris]. On every wall there were pictures of legendary entertainers and musicians etc, dating back from the early 1920s, and their attention to retro decor was not overlooked–their lounge known as “The Reserve” truly spoke for itself. Although I did not have more time to truly enjoy my experience of “vintage class” hospitality [because of my busy agenda], but it was enough for me to sit down and taste their coffee–taking a picture to keep that moment stuck fast in time.

And so, my coffee of choice is their Illy’s black coffee. A well known brand that provides any coffee connoisseur inherent pleasure. The Reserve is not only a great place for coffee, but for afternoon tea and dinner [Cuisine & Dining food review is still on the way]. Their most frequent guests happens to be entrepreneurs and investment bankers, so don’t be surprised if they speak in another language besides the common everyday language.

The Reserve Hotel is conveniently located inside the Langham Hotel (on the right hand side) and their hours of operations are: Mon-Thurs 6:30am-10pm & Fri-Sat 6:30am-12am.

Address: 250 Franklin Street Boston, MA 02110

For more information go to


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