Daily Newsfeed

Today is Election Day in Massachusetts; Shots were fired yesterday at the New Jersey Mall; 11 counties will soon vote to secede from Colorado; Brazil admits to spying on US Officials; Here are 10 of the Most Polluted Places in the World; and Michelle Knight tells a preview of her haunting experience with Ariel Castro. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Shots fired at NJ mall

New Colorado: the 51st State?

Brazil admits spying on the US

10 Most Polluted Places in the World

Michelle Knight: “I was tied up like a fish”



  1. Peter May says:

    Yo Prince… How about a “Sunny Day Section”… or something like this to report on “daily positive world event”…..ya know 20 years ago we did not have the digital revolution and all the neg stuff was going on and we never heard about it cuz there was not a cam or smart phone in everyone’s hands… but now it is too much…so maybe a happy medium…some important serious world events and some events we can all laugh at…. maybe you make a call from your followers for fun stuff happening….take a peak at this youtube….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1h95_3ydVk

    Thanks Prince.


    1. aztecwriter says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see what I can do. It important that I cover all types of news including spotlight features. I will be sure to include more positive news.


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