“Do You Know Where Your Polling Location is for Nov. 5?!?”

We are only hours away before the big historic day: A new mayor and a new council. So if you are ready to vote, but have no idea on where to go and vote, then click on this link: http://wheredoivotema.com/bal/MyElectionInfo.aspx.

If you still you need help on deciding which 4 candidates, out of the 8, will best serve you and your needs as city councillor at-large, then check out my “Meet The Candidates” page where I have interviewed 6 out of the 8 candidates who are running for that position: Michael Flaherty, Jack Kelly, Annissa Essaibi George, Michelle Wu, Jeff Ross, & Martin J. Keogh.

*The other 2 candidates that I have not interviewed: Ayanna Pressley and Steven J Murphy*

Best of Luck to All Candidates Out There!

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