Spotlight Feature: Sharine Jones, Rising Author and Advocate Against Domestic Violence

20131102-145624.jpg It is with pleasure and great honor that I introduce to you the next Maya Angelou in the long list of strong female writers and storytellers. Not only do I have the pleasure to call her my sister, but I have the utmost pleasure to share her first hand experience of Domestic Violence with the world. She is publishing a new book called “Reflections of a Woman’s Indiscretions” and I will be posting a portion of her stories every Saturday as part of my new category: “Saturday Book Read”

Her new book is “chilling” and “breathtaking” and it serves as a reminder to us all of how ‘real’ domestic violence is. She is a survivor and a bold woman to share her experience to the world–so please read and do not take “copy and paste” her work. You can follow Sharine on WordPress at “Sharine’s Diaries”

Her new book will be coming out soon!


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