10 Tips of How to Tweet the World Series Game (effectively):


Here is my extended post of “How To Tweet The Red Sox Game.”

Hello Everyone. This month will be an exciting month for baseball because it is the World Series! Boston Red Sox vs St. Louis Cardinals. And as such I will be watching and chiming in my tweets with people (Baseball Fans, friends, entrepreneurs, etc) all over Twitterverse! If you wish to follow my tweets go to @princedjc

Tonight is the Big Game! And for those of you who are new to Twitter but want to utilize it for yourself and/or your business, then this a great opportunity for you to do it. Watch the game while tweet and have people read your tweets and see your profile–networking at finest!

So here are 10 Tips of How to Tweet the World Series Game (effectively):

1) Mentioning and Trending. For every tweet, you have the opportunity to mention a fellow twitter (like @princedjc, @redsox, @cardinals) and trend using hashtags (#) (like #worldseries).

So here’s an example of a perfect tweet:

“Go @redsox! @princedjc Let’s win the #worldseries!”

Here you see, that you sent your tweet to me, the Red Sox, and the Twitterverse, while at the same time, trended the World Series so now everybody can read, retweet (RT) or favorite your tweet. Simple Right?!? (Same thing applies to tweeting @Cardinals)

2.) Be Brief. This is probably the most annoying part of Twitter because “u can nvr incl. all ur thoughts in 1 tweet!” So remember to keep your tweets short!–140 characters especially if you are mentioning someone or trending. With a picture it’s about 116 characters

3.) Follow your favorite sports team! If you are going to tweet the world series you as might as well follow them and include them in your tweet. By following your favorite team, you can see live score updates–especially if you are away from the TV.

4.) Post pictures!!-especially memes. There is nothing more satisfying then posting creative and hilarious pictures or memes. Whether be capturing a funny play on TV or just having beers with friends, it’s just a great way of sharing your special moment with the world. This is also a sure fire way of gaining followers, retweets and favorites! Remember to be appropriate–No Twerking!

5.) Don’t Be a Potty Mouth! Nobody likes a potty mouth at work or at home so don’t use it on Twitter. Remember that tweets are instantaneous and can be read in a second, so why waste your reputation or your JOB by being a poor sport with a potty mouth. Don’t DO IT! It’s OK to have constructive criticism but don’t use curse words to make a point–DON’T DO IT. Apply the Golden Rule, if necessary.

6.) Never tweet during intense plays. Tweeting is like texting at stop light, while you wait for the light to turn Green. You think you can text just before the light turns green, but usually it takes a HONK! to tell you to keep your eyes on the road. So in this instance, instead of hearing a HONK from a car, you will Cheers, Applause, or Whines from the crowd around you.

It is those moments that you actually need to “put your phone down” and watch the game. You can tweet during commercial breaks.

7.) Don’t forget your friends. Twitterverse is a big world but there is nothing that is too small for friends and family. Having friends on Twitter is a great way to start a conversation and to be seen across the Twitterverse. You might actually start a new (#) or trend if you have enough friends to do it with.

8.) Include your website or blog in every tweet. Twitter is a great tool for marketing and advertising so why not advertise your site on every tweet? There are no restrictions for advertising your website on tweets, so do it.

If you do it, you can take out “www.” to save room on tweets (Example: princesdailyjournal.com). But remember to keep your tweets brief but also fun.

9.) Carry a portable mobile phone charger. There is nothing more annoying than having “Red Bars” on the top corner of your mobile device–especially if it happens in the beginning, middle, or ending of a baseball game. In the event of a “low charged battery” bring an outlet charger (like I do) and pray that the bartender will be nice enough to charge your phone in their outlet socket. If not carry a mobile charger device that conveniently allows you to watch the game from anywhere while it charges your phone. Come prepared!!

10.) Do NOT Tweet and Drive. For the sake of humanity (and my sanity), do not tweet while you drive. Texting while Driving, already costs lives so don’t add more lives by tweeting.

These are 10 Helpful Tips of Tweeting the World Series, so now get out there and TWEET!!!

–Here is what’s trending on Twitterverse: #Worldseries #Game6 #Redsox #mlb #cardinals. (Trends can change rapidly, so be on your toes!!)

Also for anyone who follows me and mentions me in a Tweet along with #Worldseries!, I will retweet, favorite and comment back!

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