Motivation Monday: Learn from 404 pages; Don’t Ignore Them

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Learn from 404 pages; Don’t Ignore Them

In this 4 min TED talk video, we see media strategist, Reeny Gleeson, talk on the most common and annoying incidence that has ever befallen on Internet users everywhere: the dreaded 404 page. Not only does Gleeson educate us on “what is a 404 page,” but teaches us how 404s can actually be beneficial in our own lives.

404 pages, as Gleeson tell us, is another way of saying, “that you fell through the cracks“; you made a mistake. Rather than having a beautiful picture that rewards us for finding the right page, we instead receive an ugly page for the mistake that we made. However, instead of ignoring 404 pages, Gleeson and his group of start ups turned it into an opportunity: to create interactive 404 pages. Not only was his team able to create fun and interactive 404 pages, which then turned into a contest for $404, but they learned a valuable lesson:

“Those little things, done right, actually matter. And that well-designed moments can build brands” –Renny Gleeson

To me, 404 pages are like the mistakes that we have in our lives; they teach us what we should do and not do. But if we choose to ignore our mistakes, or 404 pages, then we will never find innovative ways to succeed and create something spectacular. Remember that the light bulb was invented by a mistake (and plenty of them).

So this week don’t treat mistakes like 404 pages. Be innovative and creative; that’s how we learn from our mistakes.

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