ThrowBack Thursdays: Bow ties

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous article that I have written in the past or an interview of an extraordinary person.

This week ThrowBack Thursdays: Bow Ties.



I wrote this blog during my humble beginnings as a blogger and it was during this time that I also discovered that I could post any blog from any place [including Bloomingdale’s, which I also shopped and posted other tips on fashion] using my smartphone.

In this post, I made a statement that “If everyone in the world wore bow ties, then the world would be a better place.” And it still holds true today. There is something special about bow ties that changes the step in your walk and puts a smile on your face–versus neck ties which I best described it as nooses.

So put on a bow tie today (or this week). You will make the world a better place with each smile that it brings.

To read click on the link below:

Men’s To-Do List: Bow Ties

Also read Shopping Run-In, where I met and purchased my bow tie from the lovely ladies of the Dolling Foundation

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