Spotlight Feature: Peter May, Video Consultant For Cantaloupe TV

pmay pict 35 portland maine

I had the pleasure of meeting Peter May last week at the Small Business Expo. Peter is from the great state of Indiana (Indianapolis) and is an exciting as well as welcoming individual (so don’t let his height fool you!). He is a video consultant for Cantaloupe TV, and assists companies with video strategy to make sure that you’re talking to the right people, in the right place at the right time.

“I just have a great time assisting companies. Our Video Roadmap process matches your audience to the steps of your sales cycle; delivering a video plan that has an emphasis on connecting emotionally. We only produce Authentic Style video stories. No scripts, no actors, no staged content, no voice-overs. It’s quicker, less expensive, real and more believable. And when you’re believable, people trust you helping them make positive decisions without fear, uncertainty or doubt.” –Peter

Please check out his website at (They have an awesome introduction video!). If you are interested in having a video interview or feel that it is time to promote your work and/or idea to the next level then contact Peter at 



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  1. Peter May says:

    thank you Prince… you are too kind.


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