How to Tweet Red Sox’ 1st World Series Game


Hello Everyone. Tonight is a very important game for the Red Sox!
And as such I will be watching and chiming in my tweets with people (Red Sox Fans, entrepreneurs etc) all over the Twitterverse! If you wish to follow my tweets go to @princedjc

For those of you who are new to Twitter but yet want to utilize it for yourself or your business, then this a great opportunity for you to do it. Watch the game while tweet and have people read your tweets and see your profile–networking at finest!

Here are some few helpful hints:
–For every tweet you have the opportunity to mention a fellow twitter (example: @princedjc or @redsox) and trend using hashtags (#) (like #worldseries).

So here’s an example of a perfect tweet:

“Go @redsox! @princedjc Let’s win the #worldseries!”

Here you see, that you sent your tweet to me, the redsox, and the Twitterverse, while at the same time, trended the World Series so now everybody can read, retweet (RT) or favorite your tweet. Simple Right?!?

–And Remember to keep your tweets short! 140 characters. With a pic about 100
–Here is what’s trending on Twitter: #Worldseries #Game1 #Redsox!

Now get out there and TWEET!! Also for anyone who follows me and mentions me in a Tweet along with Go Red Sox!, I will retweet and comment back!

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