Motivation Monday: Walk And Talk; Don’t Discuss Business Sitting Down

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Walk and Talk; Don’t Discuss Business Sitting Down.

In this short 3 minute TED talk video we see business innovator Nilofer Merchant, give an eye-raising talk on how sitting (whether it be brainstorming or discussing the most innovative ideas with colleagues) is actually killing us. She does not only provide chilling statics behind the health consequences of sitting down (breast cancer and colon cancer 10%, type 2 diabetes 7%, & heart disease 6%], but provides persuasive reasons why we should conduct our next meeting on our feet; and not our tush.

When I saw this, I was truly shocked. Who would of thought that our tushes could be the closest thing to smoking when it comes to our health. It makes sense that the lack of physical activity does lead to health consequences but I never would thought that the most common practice of sharing ideas and listening to conversations is actually hurting our bodies, without us knowing it. Furthermore, we treat our obligations of taking care of business and our health as two separate entities–when we really they are one.

If we are going to solve problems and look at the world differently whether it be governance, job creation or environmental issues etc., [then] maybe we can think about how to reframe those problems as having both things be true [to not have opposition]

–Nilofer Merchant

So this week conduct your next meeting on your feet, and not your tush. Not only only does your body command it but your mind as well. Some of the greatest ideas came from the great outdoors.

If you wish to follow Nilofer and her Ted Talks go to:

You can also follow Nilofer Merchant on
Twitter: @nilofer

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