Weekly Political Report: Unveiling the Mask of RealPolitik, The Government Shutdown Version


Each week I write a political report that affects YOU and THE WORLD AROUND YOU.

This week’s political report: Unveiling the Mask of Realpolitik, the Government Shutdown Version.

The Mask of Realpolitik has been unveiled and Congress has shown its true colors. For the second time in history, our country has entered into another government shutdown (setting a record of 14 days)—furloughing thousands of government workers and angering millions of Americans. Why is our government functioning the way it is, you may ask? The answer is quite simple: Power. Instead of passing a clean bill to fund our government and pay off its debts, an elite few have abused their powers and attach an amendment to put forward their agenda: Repeal Affordable Care Act or better known as Obamacare. And when that happened, there was no alternative except for a political staring contest at the costs of a million American families.

There is plenty of blame to be shared on the Hill including the President, but what really got us into the mess was the extreme wing of Republican politics—and the recent polls from the Wall Street Journal support my claim. In an article that I have written recently, called “Unveiling the Mask of Realpolitik,” I dispelled the confusing theory behind American politics and explained two things: where the power rest in the Nation’s capital? And why progressive legislation such as (funding the government or avoiding sequester cuts, etc.) has been delayed or have not been passed?

The true power rests within Two (out of three) Branches of Power: the White House and Congress which is divided in two houses, the House (Republicans) and Senate (Democrats). And the reason why progressive and bipartisan legislation such as funding the government or avoiding sequester cuts has not been passed is because of the extreme wing of Republican politics; that is choking the will of the American People.

I made it a point in my article that this wing of extreme Republican politics has not only voted against American women from receiving free breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood (The Komen group scandal) but has voted against funding for Hurricane Sandy victims.

This type of politics is hurting our economy and our country; and now they are doing it again, but this time holding the economy hostage, which is what I described as Realpolitik—unwavering compromise to the point no reasoning. The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare as constitutional and conservative Chief Justice Roberts was the swing vote.

The fact of the matter is this: Nov. 6 2012, the majority of Americans through Democratic means of voting, voted for the principle of fairness, and a man best to represent that principle (the will of the people). So, when members of Congress do not speak on that the principle, then they are not representing the majority of Americans (which are ordinary Middle Class Americans, and the diverse pool of minorities)—they only represent the small faction of Americans that have not played fair with our economy (Wall St. or corporate entities that disguise themselves as “Small Businesses”). What is more shocking is that this small faction have the power to not only delay progressive legislation such as Ted Cruz’s filibuster speech on “Green Eggs and Ham” but stop progressive legislation (like where we are now) by means of attaching an amendment that pleases themselves instead of the majority of Americans as a whole.

What we need now is a clean bill that will fund the government and raise the debt ceiling; and put ordinary Americans back to work. We don’t need to put or attach our own partisan agendas on a bill that will help to restore our economy; in order to prove a point.

We may not see eye-to-eye on gun control legislation, but that does not mean that we hold the economy hostage to prove a point.



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