Week In Review

Daily Newsfeed: Aaron Alexis gunman kills 12 victims at Navy Yard in Washington DC; UN inspectors submit Syria weapons report; Boston Homeless Man gets reward for good deed; and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is seeking to keep guns out of stores

Weekly Political Tweet: Stop Gun Violence

Meet The Candidates: Martin J Keogh; Gareth Saunders; Seamus Whelan; Michael Flaherty

ThrowBack Thursdays: Sean Sheppard

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Endure So Your Faith Will Be Stronger

LSAT CHRONICLES: Learning From My Mistakes; You Got Mail!

Cuisine & Dining: Afternoon Tea; Best Chicken Noodle Soup!


Daily Newsfeed (Monday)

Prince’s Daily Journal Inc will be shutting down its operations on Sept 24th till the week of Oct 6. Prince will be preparing for his LSAT EXAMS. Please feel free to browse through previous posts and interviews.

Thank you




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