Week In Review

Daily Newsfeed: The White House is ready to strike Syria any moment; Miley Cyrus receives backlash after VMA performanceTwitter and NY times were hacked by Syrian Electronic Army; Obama gives commemorative speech 50th anniversary Dr. King’s “I Have Dream” Speech; and US envoy to North Korea works to free American Prisoner.

Motivation Monday: Finding Inspiration From Within

Talk Tuesdays: Roy AfriQue, Event Planner and CEO of AfriQue Events

Weekly Political Tweet: Commemorating Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

ThrowBack Thursdays: Trimaine Davis, SAAB Brother and Community Advocate for Education

Networking: Meet The Candidates–Martin Keogh; Gareth Saunders; Seamus Whelan; Michael Flaherty;


Weekly Spiritual Digest: Remembering Jesus’ Purpose

What’s Happening This Week….

Monday 9/2: No Daily Newsfeed or Motivation Monday post. Prince’s Daily Journal will be observing the Labor Day Holiday.

Talk Tuesdays w/ Chris Conroy (Meet The Candidates).

Meet The Candidates: Catherine O’Neill & Jack Kelly, Weekly Political Tweet, ThrowBack Thursdays, LSAT CHRONICLES, Weekly Spiritual Digest.

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